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WiFi Assist in iOS

WiFi Assist in iOS


WHEN IOS 9 was released a few weeks ago, people got access to a ton of new features . But as people are spending more time getting to know their new iOS, there are a few downsides. One of these features is Wi-Fi Assist.

But before we dismiss Wi-Fi Assist as a bad feature, it’s important to understand what it does. When Wi-Fi Assist is turned on, it will supplement a weak Wi-Fi signal by switching to cellular data. For example, let’s say you are trying to load bus schedules while running out of your house; iPhones on the old iOS would cling on to your home’s Wi-Fi, until the signal was too far away to stay connected. However, this would result in very slow load times due to weak signal.


In iOS 9, Wi-Fi Assist will sense this weak signal and switch your phone to cellular data—effectively solving the issue of spotty Wi-Fi.This sounds useful, but it’s a potential problem for people anyone without an unlimited data plan (which is a lot of people).

            If your house has rooms that are Wi-Fi dead zones, Wi-Fi Assist will cause your phone to use cellular data even though you have access to Wi-Fi. So if don’t have cellular data to spare, make sure you turn Wi-Fi Assist off. To do so, go to Settings > Cellular and scroll all the way to the bottom.

 Wi-Fi Assist switched on by default. Turn off Wi-Fi Assist, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not wasting data. RIP, Wi-Fi Assist.

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