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Retractable iPhone Bumper

Retractable iPhone Bumper


Apple has developed an automated bumper system that doubles as a floatation device, protecting iPhones from drops and large bodies of water.Apple’s application for”Electronic device housing” details on iPhone security system that automatically deploys protective shock absorbers when onboard sensors detect a potential impact. It is placed at iPhone’s four corners, or along its display edges, Apple’s cushion system and accompanying support structures effectively act as water wings. The document points out that an iPhone might be able to float above a liquid’s surface, though such a scenario would require a perfect combination of bumper support structure extension, positive inherent buoyancy and device orientation


Onboard sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, cameras, microphones (in conjunction with a speaker for echolocation) and more, are configured to monitor device motion for changes in velocity, acceleration and other movement characteristic of a drop event. When a free fall is detected, the system triggers spring loaded shock absorbers that shoot out from the device housing. Depending on the implementation, bumper cushions made of foam, plastic, rubber or other suitable material are integrated with the shock absorber mechanism to slide out on specialized support rods. As many iPhone and iPad owners know, recovering and repairing a water-damaged device is usually less costly than replacing it. These cushions can also be replaced after a drop or deterioration, a particularly useful feature if the system is designed to disperse kinetic energy by failing.

The design style of iOS device is unique, so this patent would not be applied to the devices yet. What you can do now is recovering the water damaged iPhone, or protects the iPhone from water or falling from high place.

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