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PEEK AND POP WITH 3D Touch ON iPhone 6s/6S plus

PEEK AND POP WITH 3D Touch ON iPhone 6s/6S plus


Apple has added a new feature 3D Touch Peek and Pop on iphone6s/6s plus. Peek and Pop relies on pressure sensitivity to offer the user a transient preview pop up with a press (peek) or allows them to navigate that item with a deeper press (pop).


Peek and Pop:

Peek and Pop let you preview all kinds of content and even act on it — without having to actually open it. For example, with a light press, you can Peek at each email in your inbox. Then when you want to open one, press a little deeper to Pop into it.


How To Set Peek and Pop in App?

STEP 1: Check whether 3D touch is available or not in the device. By using the below function we can check the availability of 3D touch registerForPreviewingWithDelegate:SourceView:

STEP 2: Add peek and pop functionality using

  •  The new UIPreviewAction and UIPreviewActionGroup Classes.
  •  The new UIPreviewActionItem Protocol.


The peek and pop functionality in iphone allows user to interact and navigate easily. Peek and

Pop not only lets you preview and jump into messages or mail, but also links, flight information,

map locations and more.