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Apple could introduce a special “panic mode” to new iPhones that will allow them to shut down and go into an emergency setting if their owners are in danger.Newly-published patents show plans to allow people to place a specific finger on their phones fingerprint sensor, shutting the phone down, alerting authorities and helping it get tracked if it has been stolen.

The phone's panic mode could work as a traditional alarm, turning on until users tell the phone that they're safe.The panic mode could also turn on the phone's camera and microphone, helping capture data from the robbery. It could also send information on the phone's physical position to authorities, who could come to the aid of the phone's owner and track down the handset.


Personal data stored on the device inaccessible to the user.Also activate different modes of operation based on the particular fingerprints.Triggers the iPhone's microphone and transmit both video and audio to emergency response providers, such as a nearest police station, hospital or other relevant agencies.Panic mode could be set up to start recording video or take photos of the person using the phone, which could be useful in cases of theft.


Users would choose one of their fingers to operate the mode, and holding that down would send it into the special mode rather than unlocking it.Apple allows people to enter five different fingerprints into their phone at the moment. If the feature were added, Apple would presumably allow people to designate one of those fingers, or an extra one, as the emergency fingerprint.Apple goes on to further explore using the iPhone's GPS and cellular network triangulation to help track the user's location in panic mode in case of an emergency, without requiring any additional input from the person that activated the panic mode.


Moreover, the device in panic mode could automatically call 911 to notify law enforcement and provide your location to alert emergency service providers of possible emergencies. In panic mode, your iPhone could even send distress signals using multiple mechanisms, such as SMS, phone calls, GPS and cellular locators.

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