MCoE defines set of principles for an effective and efficient use of mobility across the entire enterprise. Our MCoE is used in company to capture best practices and reference architectures from mobility projects. Our MCoE defines best IT architecture, security and user experience, standards to be followed across the enterprise.

Target Soft system is an SAP MADCA partner and through this partnership we deliver Enterprise mobility solutions to our customer across many industries.

We have successfully delivered mobility applications and solutions to our customers over the last 5 years.

We are a strong 50 member with the necessary skills ,capability and the resources required to deliver complex technology solutions to our customers.

We have a proven delivery mechanism in delivering application services to our customers.

  • Identify the business problem.
  • Define and agree on project scope
  • Desing solution Architecture.
  • Develop and execute the app.
  • Maintain the app for future enhancements.
  • With the right strategy in place, many of the business pains or problems can be converted into opportunities that yield business benefits.

    We specialise in identifying problems the industry or business organization faces and provide effective and workable technology solutions .

    Define the scope

    Once the business problem are identified they are documented. The desired or expected benefits of the solutions , what technology to be used to develop the app,how long it will take to develop the business solution into app,how many resources to be involved in developing the app.


    The next step after documenting the business problem is designing. The designing will consists of how the app will look like.Desgin the UI/UX for the app. The prototype is shown to client and after the client approves, development starts.

    Develop And Execute The App:

    We follow agile development methodology

    The project milestones are defined into weeks and the iteration of the project also made easy using this methodology. We also follow a sprint pace development which is easy to track the project status , how far the project has been completed and how much days we have taken to develop .

    We use testing platforms such as ubertester,hockeyapps.

    Maintaining The App For Future Enhancement:

    Post go live support maintenance is provided by a dedicated support team consisting of experienced developers and support engineers. Regular product updates / patches and revisions are delivered by the support team.