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Marshmallow by saravanan

Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” is a version of the Android Mobile Operating System. The codename is “Android ‘M'”The major improvements i found in “Android M”

·        A new power management system that reduces background activity when a device in ideal state.

·         To migrate the data and applications to a microsd card and use it as primary storage.

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·        Animations are larger part of Marshmallow than they did in Lollipop.

 saravanan 1
Marshmallow also supports the new standard; USB Type-C. If a mobile has no charge, with the help of USB Type-C we can able to get a charge from another mobile. We can able to send a charge also .  saravanan 2
Up to now some manufacturers have been adding their own fingerprint support to Android devices, but in “Android M” fingerprint mechanism is introduced.   saravanan 3
 saravanan 4


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