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Internet of Things (IoT) is one Technology that all organizations are implementing and utilizing for accelerating their reach and approach to the wider market. Today, it is progressively becoming a known concept across the industries, be it a small, medium or large scale. Every organization looks forward to taking advantage of it, of course as an opportunity and as well as a Mystery. There are a lot of advantages of incorporating the IoT Applications today, in most of the places the organization can and even are taking advantage of the IoT Applications, for instance, they are widely used in the Home Automation, Machine to Machine connectivity, connected cars, Retail Industry, Smart Cities, and there are several IoT technology solutions for development and convergence.


The Internet of Things (IoT) enables to make use of the technologies well in simplifying tasks and enhance the comfort with easy access and control. With over Fifty Billion devices expected to get connected by 2020, IoT looks to be one of the smartest and the most promising Technologies for the next 5 years. With this background and our expertise in the Enterprise Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing capabilities, Target Soft Systems offers excellent IoT training in Chennai, covering the entire life cycle of the IoT application which includes and covers everything in detail from the sensors to computing, storage and Analytics of IoT data that is expected to be generated from all the connected devices. With our Partnerships and tie-ups with the leading IoT Technology companies and services providers, we also offer customized solutions and services to customers across different Industry verticals. To get more information on our IoT training in Chennai, please visit to our Academy Office.


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Introduction to IoT

What is IoT?
Effects of IoT
Skill set for IoT
Challenges and barriers to IoT
Functional Requirements of IoT


Overview of IoT

Communication aspects involved in IoT system
Wired connectivity and technologies
Wireless connectivity and technologies
Power and Energy Management & Optimization
Network Topologies for IoT
IoT Protocols
IoT – Technologies & Software



Components & Elements    of IoT

Components of IoT
Elements of IoT
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
Addressing schemes
Data, storage and analytics




Architecture of IoT system

Internet of Things—Architecture – IoT-A
The IoT-A Reference Model
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing in Internet of Things
Internet of Things with Cloud Architecture
IoT-related Cloud Security Issues
IoT-related Cloud Computing Privacy Issues
Building a Private Cloud to enable IoT
Database summary



Business Analytics

Business Analytics in IoT Architecture
IoT and Data Mining
Data Warehouse in IoT
Data Visualization and Tools in IoT
Data Mining Tool
BA Techniques to empower IoT’s Analytical & Decision Making Capability


Big Data Technologies

Internet of Things and Big Data
The IoT Process and its challenges
Understanding Big Data
Hadoop and Map Reduce
Apache HBase


Databases for IoT

Big Data turning into “HUGE DATA”
SQL Databases
No SQL Databases
Cloud Databases



Mobile integration to enable IoT

Mobile Middleware
Omni-Channel Retailing
Mobile Loyalty
Mobile Point of Sale
Mobile Inventory
Real World Mobile Integration Examples

Security Aspects of IoT

IoT Security Aspects
IoT features leading to security issues
Security Issues in IoT based on RFID
Design Considerations for IoT Technologies

Privacy Aspects of IoT

Privacy Analysis
Data Loss – RFID, Bluetooth, Big Data
Mechanisms to Prevent Privacy Hack
Popular Privacy Legislations
Case Study
Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)
Few Approaches to IoT Privacy
Practical tips to Handle IoT Privacy
IoT Applications-Use Cases IoT Applications-Use Cases
Smart Cities
Smart Environment


Lab Exercise

Design a portable IoT using Rasberry Pi KIT / equivalent boards and relevant protocols.
Develop web services to access/control IoT devices.
Deploy an IoT application and connect to the cloud.
Analyze applications of IoT in real time scenario

Course Details

Training Period 45 days
Live Project 25 days
Time Schedule 3 hours per day
Working days Monday to Friday
Interview Session Saturday
Eligibility Any degree
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