Instant App

Instant App


Developers have built amazing Android apps. Android Instant Apps, users able to

run instantly, without installing the application. Without installing any application,

tap on a URL can open right in an Android app. Same Android APIs, the same

project, the same source code. Developer just updates the existing android

application to take the advantage of instant app.


1. Access apps from anywhere

2. Run apps without installation

3. The functionality of the Instant Apps is an upgrade of an Android app, not a

new, separate app.

4. It is the same API, project and source code

5. Developer publishes the instant app in Google play store itself and Users can

download the instant app from Google play store itself.

6. Google Instant app runs on Android 4.1+ (API 16)

Instant app 2


Instant app is the very useful for the users to use the application without

installing it in the mobile