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   Gradle is the underlying system used by Android Studio for building the various parts of projects into running applications. The window lists the tasks that are involved in compiling the various elements of the project into an executable application.Gradle has two distinct phases: Evaluation and Execution. Basically, during evaluation Gradle will look and evaluate build scripts in the directories it is supposed to look. During execution Gradle will execute tasks which have been loaded during evaluation taking into account task inter-dependencies.

Console – The Gradle console is used to display all output from the Gradle system as projects are built from within Android Studio. This will include information about the success or otherwise of the build process together with details of any errors or warnings.

Using Gradle and chose it over Maven and Ant. Ant gave us total flexibility, and IVY gives better dependency management than Maven. With Gradle you can have the flexibility of Ant and build by convention of Maven.

Gradle is a dependency programming tool we can execute any random task in your setup and Gradle will make sure all declared dependencies are properly and timely executed. The Gradle tool window provides a view onto the Gradle tasks that make up the project build configuration.

Target Soft Systems:

Target Soft Systems is one of the very first SAP Mobility Partner, Member of the Computer Society of India (CSI), ICT academy of Tamilnadu and an MSME registered organization.

Our Mobility Center of Excellence ( CoE) delivers Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Large Enterprises and SMBs in many Industry verticals. As one of the early movers into this high growth Mobile app market, we have stuck to our focus and have heavily invested time and resources on Mobility.

Target Soft Systems is a strong engineering team with sufficient experience in offering mobility services, exactly what you require to successfully launch your enterprise mobile app. We offer personalized services as your enterprise mobile app consultant and our mobile consulting services addresses the entire range of challenges involved in making your mobile move a success.