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Author: Saravanakumar
Genymotion is an Android emulator which comprises a complete set of sensors and features in order to interact with a virtual Android environment. Genymotion is fast, simple to install and powerful thanks to user-friendly sensor widgets and interaction features. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.
• Genymotion is one of the emulator used to test android application.
• It can be used instead of default android emulator.
• If the PC/LAPTOP is an Intel processor there is no need for Genymotion. Default android emulator is enough to test application
• But Genymotion is also worked in Intel Processor
• If the PC/LAPTOP is an AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Processor default android emulator is not support to test the application. So in this situation Genymotion is used. If Genymotion is installed the application will be tested in AMD processor
• The booting time is 3 times faster than default android emulator
• A minimum of 2GB free space is required to use the Genymotion
• Advantages: Genymotion is used to test the application for all processor.

With Genymotion we can test our android application for test development and demonstration purposes


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