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Target Soft offers top quality Mainframe DB2 DBA Training with a unique combination of Industry Experienced Professionals, delivery options, and a learning environment that clearly distinguishes it from other companies. Our Mainframe DB2 DBA Training allow theoretical concepts to be reinforced with extensive hands-on labs with Live Server Hands on Examples. The design of our Mainframe DB2 DBA Training allows us to offer both standard and custom courses that meet our Candidates and Client’s needs.

Target Soft provides high quality customized, affordable Mainframe DB2 DBA Training to College Students, Job Seekers, Working Professionals. Target Soft Mainframe DB2 DBA Training can be cost effective can be customized for your needs. Experienced Professionals Mainframe DB2 DBA Training can address problems and issues specific to MNC companies Requirements. Our DB2 DBA Training Program Covers the Contents to Completion of Successful DB2 DBA Certification Programs in IBM.

What is DB2 DBA ?

IBM DB2 is a family of database server products developed by IBM. These products all support the relational model, but in recent years some products have been extended to support object-relational features and non-relational structures, in particular XML.

Historically and unlike other database vendors, IBM produced a platform-specific DB2 product for each of its major operating systems. However, in the 1990s IBM changed track and produced a DB2 “common server” product, designed with a common code base to run on different platforms.

The IBM Certified Database Administrator is the lead database administrator (DBA) for the DB2 product on the z/OS operating system. This individual has significant experience as a DBA and extensive knowledge of DB2, specifically the new features and functionality related to version 10. This person is capable of performing the intermediate to advanced tasks related to database design and implementation, operation and recovery, security and auditing, performance, and installation and migration/upgrades specific to the z/OS operating system.

The DBA needs to know how to design and test database backup and recovery procedures for both on-site and off-site disaster recovery. DB2 Database Management System (DBMS) security is also usually handled by the DBA who must understand the security requirements for both the data and the applications accessing the data.

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Course Details

Training Period 45 days
Live Project 25 days
Time Schedule 3 hours per day
Working days Monday to Friday
Interview Session Saturday
Eligibility Any degree
Course Content Download pdf

Placed Candidates

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