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At Target Soft Systems, we always strive to be in tune of the technology curve and continuously enhance our capabilities in upcoming technologies and solutions. With Cloud Computing Training in Chennai showing adoption among many customers, we see a good potential and value creation in terms of Technology services that can be offered to customer and Jobs opportunities in cloud computing.


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As an Amazon cloud partner we are authorized to sell, implement and provide AWS Cloud services to customers. This partnership gives us access to latest offerings and enables us to present it to our customers and help them reap the benefits as below

1. Agile infrastructure that responds to changing business needs.
2. Reduction in costs by paying for what they use
3. Move from OPEX to CAPEX model
4. Improved infrastructure, energy and management.
5. Massive reduction in IT maintenance cost, since it is Taken Care by the cloud service provider.



Jobs at Cloud Computing Training in Chennai
Many organizations across the world have started consuming IT including Hardware Infra structures, Software Application Development Platforms, Databases and Enterprise Solutions through the internet which forms the major services provided by the cloud technology provider. There is a massive transition that is happening in adopting these services in the recent years and this trend will become bigger and bigger in time to come.
IT services providers are partnering with major Cloud platforms providers and have started providing Cloud Computing Training in Chennai to their customers and this trend is fueling the job opportunities demand for cloud computing experts are increasing every day.


There exists a good demand for Jobs in cloud computing. Target Soft Systems offers Best Cloud Computing Training in Chennai that is relevant to this market demand and ensure Jobs opportunities for candidates completing these programs successfully.
The courses are delivered by highly qualified Industry Experts with in depth knowledge in the AMAZON Cloud Platform. Learners are exposed to real time industry Projects along and placement opportunities in leading companies specializing in cloud platforms. Our Cloud Computing Training in Chennai is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in India as soon as you complete the Cloud Computing Training course.
The following gives an over vew of the training content that will be covered in the training programs



AWS Services Session Details
AWS Introduction & Exam Blueprint AWS Introduction
Advantages of an AWS over On-premises
AWS Regions & Availability zones
About an AWS Exam & Blueprint
Compute EC2 Instance creation & its types
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
AWS Lambda
EC2 Summary
Storage & CDN EBS Volume creation & its types
Creating an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
Creating S3 & its types
CloudFront (CDN)
S3 summary
Networking Network setup: Creating VPC, Subnet, Route tables, Internet gateway, Elastic IPs
Creating Security group & Network ACLs
Network Address Translation (NAT)
VPC summary
Database Relational Database (RDS)
DynamoDB (NoSQL)
Database summary
Security & Identity Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Key Management Services (KMS)
IAM summary
Analytics Elastic MapReduce
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Redshift (Datawarehousing)
Deployment & Management Elastic Beanstalk
Application services Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Simple Email Service (SES)
Amazon APIs Amazon Command Line Interface APIs

Course Details

Training Period 45 days
Live Project 25 days
Time Schedule 3 hours per day
Working days Monday to Friday
Interview Session Saturday
Eligibility Any degree
Course Content Download pdf

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