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Apple’s patent app for “Audio class-compliant charging accessories for wireless headphones and headsets” details a headphone device and switching between wired and wireless listening modes.  Apple’s invention employs an  lectrical connector compatible with both digital and analog signals. Ideal connecter, transfer power and audio data through differential signaling from host to headphone.


In addition to wired contacts, Apple introduced the following features Internal Battery Processor Memory, Antenna and wireless transmitter and receiver to communication with user device Able to charge the headphone while onnected with the device. Handling audio transmission signals A user device communicates with headphone via both wired and wireless interfaces. Control circuitry in the data is used to determine that the headphone connected via wired communication module is the same device as the headphone connected over wireless. When a match is found, audio sent to the headphone device via wired or wireless communication module.


This is the first application in iphone covering the wireless headphone system and save a space inside the phone

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