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KITKAT vs LOLLIPOP (Android Versions)

KITKAT vs LOLLIPOP (Android Versions)

Author: Ravivarma


Lollipop is the latest android version even though many users not updated to current version and they are using Previous version Kitkat during lack of knowledge in what are the benefits available in Lollipop

Lollipop features:

  • Inbuilt Flashlight:1Lollipop supports flashlight in notifications panel as ios hae in its control center, this is the first advantage of lollipop than kitkat.
  • Battery changes:In Lollipop  we have new options which are very useful, first one is it will show you how much time needed for full charge and we can see small graph also for showing the remaining time for battery charge.
  • Guest user:2Like Windows, Lollipop gives us the freedom to add guest users or we can create a profile for a friend/relative. What is the use means by using this option we can stop others viewing out personal data.
  • Notification panel:3The notification panel has been made too simple for the user. It’s simplicity in design is the plus point. Unlike KitKat, the most useful feature added here is the ability to view our detailed notifications on your lock screen. Ofcourse this might be a problem around working places like if we leave the phone unattended, anyone can have a look at your notifications even though our phone is locked. It can be disabled by going to Settings – Sound and Notification – When device is Locked – Don’t show notifications at all.
  • Trusted Places:Trusted Places is a smart feature which has been added in to Lollipop. Though most of the people using passwords to their mobile phones they disable the passwords once they enter into their home or car or somewhere which is safe to us. Trusted Places is a feature where a user can declare certain locations as safe and they wouldn’t need to unlock their phones once they enter those places. We can set the location in Settings – Security – Smart Lock
  • Multitasking :Multitasking has completely changed in Android Lollipop. Even before entering the app we can see more details and in this feature scroll also available in notifications which make it simple

Conclusion: Lollipop had more advantages than Kitkat so users who are still using kitkat if updated to Lollipop means they can utilize the features provided by Android in Lollipop

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