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Why Target Soft Systems

One of the very first SAP Mobility Partner, Member of the Computer Society of India (CSI), ICT academy of Tamilnadu and an MSME registered organization

Our Mobility Center of Excellence  ( CoE) delivers Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Large Enterprises and SMBs in many Industry verticals. As one of the early movers into this high growth Mobile app market, we have stuck to our focus and have heavily invested time and resources on Mobility.

We are a strong engineering team with sufficient experience in offering mobility services, exactly what you require to successfully launch your enterprise mobile app. We offer personalized services as your enterprise mobile app consultant and our mobile consulting services addresses the entire range of challenges involved in making your mobile move a success.

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After having a sufficient infrastructure it is the faculty who makes it worth.

At Target Soft you can find the faculties with very good knowledge, who have  handled more than 50 training programs, basically they are not only trainers and they are also developers who are working in the mobile apps domain having minimum of 3 years of experience & also they have given many training programs in colleges & corporate as well. In other ordinary training companies the first batch student is faculty for the fourth batch, but here we can say proudly that we do have our own trainers. So studying mobile application at Target Soft will give you more practical exposure to the mobile application development.

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This is the most important factor while choosing an academy. Infrastructure does not only mean a good looking building. It means that whether an Institute has sufficient amount of systems to practice, good amount of reference materials and technology infra like testing equipments, devices, platforms & a good process driven training delivery mechanism.

TSS is one of the very first companies in India to setup a dedicated “Centre of excellence” on Mobile Application.  As we are the partner of SAP, through that you can get exposure to connect with ERP & enterprise application.  According to the Students Studying at Target Soft it is always ensured that each student gets a system for practicing the practical and we do have separate labs for Android & iOS with enough number of systems.

LMS is the framework that handles all aspects of the learning process. An LMS is the infrastructure that delivers and manages the instructional content, identifies and assesses individual and organizational learning or training goals, tracks the progress towards meeting these goals, collects and presents data for supervising the learning process of the organization as a whole. The complete training program is delivered by the LMS systems. Every learner is provided with a login ID password where by learners can access the system and view the training content not only during the session delivery in the academy, but also access from home for furthers.  Learners can raise doubts and clarifications which get automatically by our support team and by the peers learners in your respective batch.

Mobile Access Management:

Professionals often do business while they are on-the-go. More and more employees use their own personal mobile devices –to work the way they want, when they want. This means employees are more responsive, and will pause in their personal life to get things done wherever they are. The Mobile Access App provides secure access to only the right applications. Users see the applications they have access to and with a single touch they are in.

Mobile Access provides the Access Manager users, the perfect blend of simplicity and security for their ios and Android devices. All that is needed to extend Access Manager’s application to mobile users is to load a soft appliance. From there the hardest part is to decide what icon is wanted by the mobile users to see for each application.

Above all, learners will have mobile access to the LMS and can access content while on the move

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Training methodology

It is essential to select a structure and a methodology that will be the most effective for its training environment considering factors such as:

Overall training objective: what is expected to be achieved through training.The expected learning outcomes: what each person trained is expected to be able to do, and expected to know, at different stages and the conclusion of training.

The scope of training methods, such as face to face interactive sessions, information briefings, provision of information materials etc.The training methodology consists of presentations, case studies & work groups.Finally, an assessment test and a user satisfaction questionnaire will be distributed in order to evaluate the module’s results and its success amongst the trainees.

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This is the very most important factor while choosing an academy. It does not mean that it is the first and last criteria to choose an institute. Placements of an academy depend upon many factors like its infrastructure, faculty, and facilities provided by the academy to its students, and individual talent, personality and many more factors.


Target Soft is an approved vendor with almost 150 companies. Over more than 6500 college graduates both fresher’s and experienced candidates from across 120 colleges in South India have benefited from our training and Placement services. And many of our students are working in mobile apps domain in various well reputed companies like CTS, TCS, Wipro, Capgemini, Accenture, GoDB Tech, Colan InfoTech , GSR Business Services, Photon and so on. We  have  a very good relationship with them and they also prefer target soft for their internal recruitment. So Learning Mobile application at Target soft will surely help the students to get a job because of the ample opportunity we create in target soft.

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Mobility Center of Excellence

Our Mobile CoE captures best practices and reference architectures from all our mobility projects executed to offer more value to our customers. Our CoE works on a set of defined principles for an effective and efficient use of mobility across the entire enterprise.

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